Down on my Street

“This song is about growing up at home. Seeing all the old people pass or move on and the new children playing in the street. It’s my farewell to home as I once knew it.”

Verse 1
Well I’ve travelled the road and I’ve shouldered the load down my street the street where I lived
The old house I once knew as a child where i grew we were children then, we had so much to give
And i still call this home
It was there we used to roam
as the years rolled on I set upon my dreams
Verse 2
Red brick and stone the old school that I’ve known down on my street, well we had some craic
When summers were good we got lost as would and we walked for miles, just to find our way back
They were good old days you know
It was there, we learnt to grow
From friendships few we soon outgrew the old
Down on my street ...
Verse 3
Well its sad i remember that day in November on my street me Mam she passed on
The old man broken hearted the day that she parted, he love so, his whole world it was gone
I still see him in that room
Knowing that he’ll meet her soon
All those memories drew out our tears to flow
Down on my street
Verse 4
All the neighbours long gone and life still goes on down on my street a change has begun
The new children are playing all the games I’m just saying that so sweet the old rhymes are still sung
but my heart is sad today
all my dreams from yesterday
Those years have gone and life moves on its way
Down on my street Down on my street Now its your street Take care of my street Down on my street

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