Gabby Fitzgerald is primarily an Uilleann Piper, but his talents also range to a composer, multi-instrumentalist singer, songwriter and storyteller. Gabby’s journey with music first began at the age of 10, when he learned to play tin-whistle and also performing as an alto singer in the school choir. Gabby had many influences in music but it was the Irish folk scene that really inspired him and already by the age of 23 he was playing guitar and whistle and participating in sessions throughout Dublin and Kildare. Gabby was then drawn to the haunting sound of the Uilleann pipes by the late Liam O Flynn and went on to purchase his first set of pipes that year.


These pipes travelled many countries and festivals with Gabby, Ireland, UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Lebanon, Cyprus, Australia, USA and Africa ,Rwanda, Uganda to name but a few. During his long military career the instruments were always by his side , even performing at many charity concerts while on mission with the UN In Kosovo, North Africa and East Timor.

Gabby later acquired a set of Silver and Ebony pipes skilfully handcrafted by the legendary Cillian O’Brien and these pipes deliver the sweet and haunting melodies with refinement achieved through years of playing.

Throughout his musical career Gabby has gathered a huge repertoire of songs and tunes, to date a compilation of over 600 tunes that are brought to life with the tools of his trade: Uilleann Pipes, Guitar, Bouzouki, Mandolin, Shruti Box, Harmonica and a large selection of flutes and whistles. Gabby can play solo concerts and gigs or with two, three or four peace band. He currently plays with a Guitarist, Percussionist and Keyboard/Double Bass.

In 2015 Gabby combined all his musical accomplishments and experience with his creative inspirations to produce his first album of 16 original songs titled ‘Black Dog Island’.

In 2019 Gabby launched his second album titled ‘Elizabeth née Ellis’ dedicated to his late mother whose portrait features on the Album cover. This title track is a stunningly haunting piece comprising of a slow air, a March and a Slip jig on the Pipes.

This album features 5 songs and 6 instrumental pieces offering a huge depth of emotion, skill and musicianship.

Both albums were totally written by Gabby and can be purchased here through the store or on all the streaming music platforms : Spotify , iTunes etc.

Gabby continues to write and compose original music alongside performing his huge repertoire of tunes keeping our countries musical heritage alive.

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