A road Less Travelled

Verse 1
I remember the day when i went on my way , while the road was open and free
For to follow a dream on a path I’ve never been , to an end that i might never see
With the wind at my back well i never did slack , when that road rose up to trip me i was a stubborn old jack
Well its bigger you'll stand when you dodge the foul hand , don’t give up keep following your dream
Verse 2
When two roads collide , take your time then decide , if one road is less travelled and free
Sunrise or sunset , we’ll have no regrets , if you get to your dream before me If your ever fall down , never lye on the ground , get up , dig down deeper , and you’ll soon come around
On your journey through life , don’t give inn to the fight , don’t give up and keep following your dream

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